Some Words from Our Clients



Jim and Richard -05/22/20

The Olsons far exceeded our expectations, plus they have exceeded all accounts we've heard from friends who've worked with other estate sale providers. We can't recommend them enough.

When it was time to sell the home of our deceased 96-year old mother, we discovered a basement that had become an overflowing warehouse of generations of household goods and memorabilia. Just the sight of it was overwhelming. We felt certain there had to be some gems. 

After interviewing the who's who of providers in the area, here are the reasons we selected the Olsons. They were the most flexible and accommodating about ways to prepare and conduct the sale. They were more forthcoming and optimistic about the potential value of items. They were ready to seek out special buyers for items that had potential value to collectors. They would market some items online after the estate sale. Their fees, while not the cheapest, were not the highest, and were in line with quotes from other professional providers.

The proceeds from the sale itself exceeded everyone's expectations and far exceeded projections of other providers. We continue to receive payments periodically from items they market online.

These people are very professional, straightforward, organized and honest. They are hard working. The whole process took much more time and energy and people than we had anticipated. We feel they earned every penny of their fees. Overall, they really impressed us. We are very happy to have had the opportunity to work with them!!!



Anita and Ed-05/25/19

An estate sale for a family member is an emotional and daunting experience. We didn't know where to begin and that's where the Olson's experience was a great help to us. They were very professional and put great effort into their work. They also understood how difficult the process was for us. We appreciated their kindness. They were truly a blessing to us. Thank you!!

Kelton and Todd

Brad and Bonnie -09/27/18

"Just a note, and quite frankly a testimonial, to the great experience we had with you both and our mom's estate sale. Your estate sale company was so attentive to detail, our needs and truly...our emotions selling mom's house. As you learned through the process, mom was a very, very, special and classy lady so we needed to respect her in this difficult process. Your process and system stayed in step with mom's class and dignity. THANK YOU! From the beginning to end of were very thorough and deeply  honest.

Long and short....hats off! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Dan and Carole- 08/12/18

"We turned our house over to Olson Estate Services. The Olsons came to our home three times to go over our possessions and gather information from a variety of items, from historical, family, personal and lots of quilting merchandise.

The sale was a great success. Items of value remaining were put on Jill's online sales program. It's nice to get a check in the mail every once in awhile.

We would highly recommend Olson Estate Services to anyone faced with downsizing and need an expert with knowledge, skills and contacts to execute a very successful liquidation of their property."


Mary S - 08/23/17

"The thought of having an estate sale of my parent’s personal property was overwhelming for me until I secured the help of Olson Estate Services. They literally took care of everything. Jill and Larry Olson were blessings, as was their staff. During my entire experience I was served with integrity, professionalism and understanding; they made me feel like family. I was pleasantly surprised by the small amount of items that didn’t sell. I chose the option of having the Olson’s pack and move the remaining items; the house was definitely left broom-clean. I highly and sincerely recommend Olson Estate Services; they are second to none."


Kenneth H. -


"To handle the liquidation of our Mom’s estate, I wanted a company that would be experienced, knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy.


Olson Estate Services did an excellent job and shortly after starting with them I felt we were in good hands. Olson Estate Services provided timely and straightforward communication throughout the process so there were no surprises. I was a hands-on client and was impressed with the thoroughness and knowledge Olson Estate Services brought to researching and evaluating each item for pricing.  As promised, they really did go through EVERYTHING.  Then they staged the house beautifully – categorizing items by type.


The belongings were very tastefully displayed in an interesting fashion which made one want to wander around to not miss anything. There were items I thought would be of no interest to others and yet they were able to sell them.


The entire experience went off without a hitch, from the initial meeting with Olson Estate Services to the very successful sale of my Mom’s belongings.  I am pleased with the whole process of going through an entire house cataloging, sorting, organizing, pricing, displaying and selling the contents.


From a personal aspect, Jill and Olson Estate Services exhibited a level of appreciation for my Mom’s things and consideration for me that made this difficult process easier. Plus, they really enjoy what they do, and it shows.


I can’t say enough about Olson Estate Services and I would highly recommend them and already have!"


Carol D. -


"When my elderly relatives passed away I was left deciding what to do with their belongings. There's was a lifelong collection of beautiful items that deserved more than a mere garage sale. Since I live out-of-state I needed assistance and turned to Jill Olson for guidance in setting up an estate sale. Items were priced right and showcased in an appealing eye-catching manner. Everything from advertising, crowd control to clean-up were all handled professionally by Jill and her staff. I feel top dollar was received and would recommend Jill Olson's estate sale services to anyone."


Anna V. - 


"I would highly recommend Olson Estate Services. My experience with them was first-rate. They are very meticulous & conscientious and have an amazing grasp on how to get the most for your items and their true value, not overlooking, and at times even discovering hidden treasures in items you thought worthless! Jill's ability to stage and her logical, easy-to-manage way of setting up your home to have the smoothest traffic run-through is amazing. She also has very helpful & professional people working with her."


Dawn O. -


"Our experience with Olson Estate Service was top notch all the way.   Their professionalism and and caring attention to detail made dealing with liquidating our loved one’s possessions much easier.   Offering advice and expertise, Jill and her team delivered a very successful sale.   I would highly recommend Olson Estate Service to anyone looking for a hard working and knowledgeable estate sale company."